(Status: No longer a book - now a training program at High Velocity Ops)

Supreme Ultimate DevOps Book Cover

Move 10X faster than your competitors

Nearly all of your competitors will follow the slow default practices for development, operations, and hiring. While they plod along, you'll speed past using the Supreme Ultimate bypasses!

Learn how to:

While your competitors burn their money on mis-staffing, overly-complex systems, and premature product investments, you'll have already bypassed those problems and still have plenty of cash in the bank to grow the business.

Who this book is for:

If your business does any kind of development, has supporting systems, and you want to have the absolute best chance of success, then this book is for you.

Who this book is not for:

It takes confidence to break from the default and established "wisdom". I can convince you that these methods are tremendously faster and cheaper than the defaults, but if you don't have the confidence to break with tradition, then you will not be served well by this book.

The Author:

I'm Matt Jaynes and I've been consulting on development and operations projects for over a decade. I've run teams at both billion dollar companies and small startups.

I've rescued many projects and made or saved my clients hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of my past clients: Sony, CBS, Intuit, Yahoo, Whole Foods Market, Bravo, Showtime, Maxim, and the American Cancer Society.

Some specific examples: I won a $350 million contract for the University of Maryland by building 3 major apps in 2 months in order to beat out more qualified competitors (sorry University of Phoenix!). I wrote an incredibly simple and clean API for Scribd (a top 100 site) in only 2 months, that has run practically untouched for 6+ years and has been used to upload millions of documents.


Anything that touches Development and Operations. I use the term very loosely and also include hiring in my definition since it directly affects both. I realize this will drive the traditional academic guys crazy. Sorry! You'll see no long pedantic definitions of DevOps here like you'd see in other DevOps books.

Supreme Ultimate?

"Supreme Ultimate" is the literal translation of the Chinese phrase "Tai Chi". The full name of the martial art you may be familiar with is "Tai Chi Chuan" which translates to "Supreme Ultimate Fist."

I love the subversive nature of Tai Chi, particularly the philosophy of not attacking a problem head-on, but instead finding a way around it. Many of the DevOps principles I teach follow that philosophy.

Why this book?

DevOps is still in its infancy. 68% of all tech projects fail. That number is insane! By comparison, how many professional plumbing projects fail? Just asking that question seems silly because the plumbing industry is so mature. It would be a huge deal if a plumbing project went 2X over schedule and over budget. For tech projects, I regularly see companies spend 10X more than they need to (ack!).

There's a ton of bad advice floating around and it's misleading a lot of good people. Generally the advice is from one-time lucky startup founders that succeeded despite horrible DevOps practices that by sheer luck didn't kill them before they cashed-out. Often these founders spent 10X to 100X more than they should have, but they just didn't know any better.

The techniques in this book will not require faith. I will not ask you to just believe me, but instead will try to make it as obvious as I can that the methods are faster, cheaper, and lower-risk than the old defaults. With every point, I will compare the old method with the Supreme Ultimate method and you can decide for yourself if it makes sense. I've used every technique to great advantage many times, so I know they work, but I won't require blind faith from you. If you are not convinced of the method based on its merits alone, then I haven't done my job.

Don't go the long route when you can get there soooo much faster.

This book (if applied) will put you years ahead of where you'd be with the old default methods. You will bypass your competition at a fraction of the cost. It will drastically reduce your risks and accelerate your growth.

When you use these methods, your competitors will look like slow lumbering zombies by comparison.

(Status: No longer a book - now a training program at High Velocity Ops)